Who is Zoom? – Top 16 Theories


So, we’re nine episodes into the second season of The Flash and our heroes have had their first encounter with Zoom. I was thinking back to this time last year and all the ludicrous theories I had about the identity of the Reverse-Flash, and more importantly, how I never published them to widespread ridicule. So, I thought I’d rectify that somewhat this year.

What follows are my top 16 theories about Zoom’s identity, in order of personal preference, not likelihood. This list is pretty long, much longer than any other list of Zoom identity theories I’ve seen, even though I skip a lot of boring bullshit theories like Harry or Francine, but, to be fair, the complete physical concealment of Zoom’s identity plus the complete information lockdown means pretty much everyone is up for grabs.

Also, some of these theories, mainly my own original ones, are pretty out-there bullshit, but as long as they’re not boring, I think they deserve a place at the table.

Finally, before I hit the list, I’ll briefly note that I’m taking all the evidence that Zoom is a man at face value, including Harry and Jay’s consistent use of “he” pronouns, and Zoom’s description of himself as the fastest man alive. But on the off-chance it’s a (fairly cheap) tactic to keep people’s eyes off the prize (which also isn’t working because there’s lots of speculation that Zoom is Patty, Francine, even Caitalin), I do have one honourable mention of a woman to start.

So, who is Zoom?

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