Prolegomena to Any Future Grimm


In the end, season four of Grimm was not its worst season. That’s a pretty impressive achievement, because it seemed like it was obviously the worst season of Grimm for almost the entirety of its run. But it simply can’t be the worst season when its finale did something no other season finale has done: make irreversible changes to the show.

I know, I was shocked too.

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SHIELD vs HYDRA vs Inhumans vs Kramer vs Mega Shark


If ever a show had a mid-season turnaround more sudden and dramatic than Agents of SHIELD did in season two, I don’t know about it. The first half of the season was trash, with just one good episode out of ten. Yet, after it came back from the hiatus in which Agent Carter aired, it was like a different show. The tension AND tensions were palpable, character arcs moved meaningfully, the quality of action scenes spiked before ending with a two-hour season finale that was better than Avengers: Age of Ultron on a dozen or more levels.

I’m calling witchcraft on that one.

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Promising Pilot Pickups, Part 2: One-Hit Wonder Clown Fraud vs Appalachian Devil Puppets in Las Vegas

So I was a bit too drained by the buildup to the referendum on marriage equality here in Ireland to do this sooner, but I started this blog with the aim of writing regular content and this is too early to be slipping. So, now that we’ve successfully SECURED MARRIAGE EQUALITY IN THE FIRST EVER NATIONAL VOTE ON MARRIAGE EQUALITY SERIOUSLY GUYS THIS IS SO AMAZING I can return to my weekly rundown of whatever’s gonna end up on TV soon.

Here’s some more pilots.

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Promising Pilot Pickups, Part 1: Fictionalised Time-Travelling Horror Movie Lothario Dr. Pioneer in Oz

So, we’re right in the meat of pilot season in the USA, and because of cultural hegemony, that means we’re getting a list of all the new shows that have been picked up for the 2015/2016 season, and therefore may or may not become pop culture icons or eventually drift to TG4 where people will be constantly surprised that THAT is showing on TG4, because no one watches TG4, even though they had Breaking Bad and Mad Men before RTÉ did, which is pretty impressive.

Anyway, I’ll be doing one post a week until the formal end of pilot season, the end of June, where I’ll talk some about seven pilots that strike me as possibly worth at least watching the first episode when it airs/leaks. I’ll be doing it this way both to present my thoughts in smaller chunks (there are a lot of shows on my radar) and also because there’s a few pilots I’m invested in whose fates are still up in the air, so I want to hold out until the very last moment before I pronounce them dead and weep over their abandoned bodies.

Anyway, here’s some pilots.

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The “Marble Hornets” Movie is Kinda Good


I’ll declare my biases upfront: I am a huge fan of the original web series, Marble Hornets, of which this movie is a spinoff (more or less), and I used to contribute to the large body of online stories known collectively as the Slender Man Mythos through various fictional blogs. Mine are still online and still terrible, but you’re welcome to read them at your own peril.

I did my best to approach Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story as, separately, a standalone film and an extension of Marble Hornets and I’ll equally try my best to incorporate both perspectives into this review, which will probably average out at “yeah, pretty entertaining”.

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In Defence of Renewing “Battle Creek”


I think largely episodic procedurals like Battle Creek are a really important part of the television landscape, where each episode tells a stand-alone story that can be enjoyed in an hour, or watching the season as-aired tells a rewarding long-form story about characters.

Following a TV show week-to-week is a massive commitment, even in the Internet Age. Sometimes, you just need something you can throw on the tube at the end of your day and not worry that you won’t get what’s happening, because you’ve missed the previous six episodes, or previous any episodes, sometimes you just need a show you know you like and you can watch whatever episode comes on, because you’re not going to risk spoilers.

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