What’s This?

I’ve never updated this blog very regularly. I never felt motivated to do it because I was never working toward anything. But now I am: since the end of Februrary, I’ve been co-writing a new pop culture blog called The Sundae with my friend and writing partner Ciara where we write long-form criticism about movies and TV shows. If you enjoyed reading my pop culture writing on this blog, I encourage you to continue reading both mine and Ciara’s over there.

But if I’m not writing about pop culture here anymore, what’s this blog for?

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The Flash Refuses to Follow Its Own Rules


I don’t want to talk about the second season finale of The Flash right now, because I’m still filled with an incommensurate rage at what happened, but I also need to talk about how The Flash repeatedly broke its own internal logic throughout the second half of the season and why it’s not pedantic fanwank to call it out – it’s just basic appreciation for the craft of writing.

Given so much of that internal logic is broken in the finale, it’s inevitable this article will become a finale review/season retrospective, so I have some brief thoughts on the ending first, and then a larger critique of how the writers of The Flash let the side down in the backhalf.

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Your Defense of the Captain America Controversy is Bad, and You Should Feel Bad


I knew as soon as I found out what Marvel had done in Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 that those who would inevitably rise to defend this terrible editorial and creative decision would vex me, but I didn’t realise quite how much they would vex me.

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Stitches May Strain, but Sutures Don’t Split: In Defense of Gotham’s Gothic Identity


Gotham is not a perfect show, and maybe not even a good show. I’m not going to defend the crazy pacing of Penguin’s rehabilitation/relapse storyline, the utter waste of Tabitha or pretty much any of Bruce’s dialogue, at any point, ever. I’m not going to reverse any of the critiques I leveled against its first season, and I’m not going to pretend I’m not disappointed by the ways in which its second season has failed to live up to my highest hopes.

But there’s this notion about Gotham, most abrasively trumpeted by The AV Club, but parroted elsewhere as received knowledge, that Gotham is a show that struggles with its identity, and particularly that it’s “two shows, and never knows which it wants to be at any time” or some variation thereof.

This is not true now, nor has it ever been true. Gotham has a perfectly coherent identity, possibly one of the most rigidly-defined identities of any show on television right now.

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